Continuing week 2 of the RAINBOW  VS MONOCHROME efforts:














Consistency is key.

If you’re on this streak too, let’s keep on keeping on.





When i need some form of encouragement, to refocus on the right stuff:

Put God Back in the Golden Rule
When we choose love, do we really choose to love others the way we want to love them, or the way they want to be loved? This is a good read to get our minds challenged, our hearts to be urged to give more, not less and limited on our service.

Weak Girl
When you’re out of hope, feeling like weakness is the only other option. But God.
There is mercy for all of us in our weakness.

She Has My Delight
Such a sincere article on the love of a father. Women may embody a greater impression when it comes to parental love, but don’t exclude men. This is one man =, sharing this experience and observations of that daughter he wished he could have loved better. More heartfelt than anything else we could ask for in a daddy.

Suffering That Crushes Faith
On my birthday week, I’m reminded of the sufferings of the past. How did it make sense at all when trials come one after another…when would faith have the space to be built anywhere along the way? This article correlates the significance of our woes, making it work for us.

Where Will You Be One Year from Today?
Of course, birthday goals question. Something we should definitely ask ourselves each year as we grow older. Where do we go from here, what do we do today that’s taking us one step closer to God each day? My birthday desire this year, to draw closer to Him every step of the way. What’s yours?


Theme of the week: Celebrating Life





I’m proud of Singapore. Yes, I am.

Though well known as a fast-paced country producing excellent workers from imposing high stress levels, the cosmopolitan part of it could not be denied. Different races, different cultures, different languages…we embrace them all. This really made me appreciate the fact of staying in this nation for the past 20++ years.

So i’ve pondered with the idea of featuring varying perspectives in a multi-collab, and finally got down to doing it. This time round, we celebrated the differences it together, wouldn’t that have been greater joy to see things in another point of view?

Catch it here!


Theme for the week: MOMENTUM.


“While a good leader sustains momentum, a great leader increases it.” ~ John C. Maxwell
“Better disciplined is better than being motivated” ~ Random Gymaholic
“Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.” ~ Nick Vujicic
“Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.” ~ Earl Weaver
“Excuses don’t get results” ~ Unknown
“The most effective away to do it, is to do it.” ~ Amelia Earhart

Links I Like | Motivation


Second week on this link verbiage, and i’m totally enjoying some of my amazing reads:

The Golden Rule: A Dream Career Built From Love, Loss and Resilience
Honestly the first ever interview I’ve read and wept halfway through it. Sometimes about this article just touches you, and I’m pretty sure it’s the truthness in portraying the vulnerability of humans. That we can’t control our circumstance, but we can control the response we take on. And this response? Thumbs up.

How to build a morning routine
I shifted house 3 weeks back, and decided to adopt a consistent morning routine for a change of habits. Certainly, how you start your day determines you day. I have to agree it t has certainly helped me greatly in attaining clarity and fruitfulness in all the tasks and to-dos for the time following on. Some of these tips, I’ve already been doing it thus far. But no harm knowing more if you’re into this too!

Here’s What The Pros Are Saying About Your Professional Body Language
Reading this article got me sitting up straight for those few minutes consciously. I am a person who likes to dress comfort, sometimes TOO comfortable for good. Finding myself caught in multiple situations that required some of my confidence to show through when I’m clad in PJs style of clothings, I think this article speaks through right. Granny could be right.

14 Ways To Approach Conflict and Difficult Conversations At Work
I’m a commercial emcee by nature of job, and learning to work with various events folks are my essentials to survival. The hardest part comes when I cannot bring myself to confrontations that might risk the loss of my job. This articles gives pretty en pointe advice on where to do and how to start it off, less impact involved.

My Summer Of Cellulite Is Helping Me To Get Over Myself & Just Live
One of the hardest thing being a woman, is that you face issues subjected to ALL kinds of societal judgment. Family duties, career advancements, personal well-being. So much information of self-care and self-love for the self-shaming ones have uprisen across the years, and this article is a clear reminder for us to return back to appreciating who we are and what we have. Beautifully.

Hope these motivates you today!

Pictures | Inspiration

Let’s face it. We all need to see something, to believe in that something more. Somehow or rather, visuals just do the work. 80% of the time. So recently, I’ve decided to filter life into 2 sections, segregating the simpler way:

Either RAINBOW (@yukoetan) to appreciate all colours and differences,
Or MONOCHROMATIC (@yukoetana) to keep things to the minimal.

Less of the in betweens.
If you’re like me, here’s some shots to help you on the same path and direction!

(*Note: All images credited to sources from Google Search online)










Hope you got inspired today. Never too late to decide to start today!
Trust me, bit by bit…you will get there.

Links I Like | DEVOTION


Today’s devotional remembrance of worthy articles:

  • Is Life Harder Than You Expected?
    We often like to win wars, but forget that before winning, we have to first FIGHT wars. If you’re constantly feeling frustrated from an influx of non-stop life battles, maybe it’s time you starting changing perspectives about it. And stop being surprised. Like what the article says, in 1 Peter 4:12, we’re reminded of the very fact – ““Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you”. Peace out.
  • You May Not Love What You Think
    Curating your heart to focus on what’s more important: to love the one who gave us what we loved in material. Great article to realign your eyes on the right point of comfort. This helped me greatly in assuring me of the RIGHT source of identity. Yes, we all need.
  • Pray For Forgetfulness
    A reminder to stay true to who you are instead of who you can be capable of performing up to. Daily, we put on multiple game faces to adapt, but to be consumed with oneself, is the least we want to be at the end of the day. This articles signals the clear idea to forget oneself, for other.
  • Beyond Labels
    We, are humans. Not labels. Not steretypes. We want to be seen as who we are. And God sees us that way too, hence I choose this perspective.
  • Confronting For The Right Reasons
    I think God must have been a humorous one, to have placed the multitude of high “C”s (DISC Model theory) good friends in my life. It must have had a purpose. The idea of having to learn direct communication, coveted with the notion of grace and love. When it comes to confrontation, I honestly detest the idea of it. Any tips and tricks, I’ll chase. I’ll welcome it full force.

Dealing with life’s hard issues. Difficult people.
We could always afford to learn more, don’t we?

Verses I Like

Theme for the week: Hills & Valleys