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Second week on this link verbiage, and i’m totally enjoying some of my amazing reads:

The Golden Rule: A Dream Career Built From Love, Loss and Resilience
Honestly the first ever interview I’ve read and wept halfway through it. Sometimes about this article just touches you, and I’m pretty sure it’s the truthness in portraying the vulnerability of humans. That we can’t control our circumstance, but we can control the response we take on. And this response? Thumbs up.

How to build a morning routine
I shifted house 3 weeks back, and decided to adopt a consistent morning routine for a change of habits. Certainly, how you start your day determines you day. I have to agree it t has certainly helped me greatly in attaining clarity and fruitfulness in all the tasks and to-dos for the time following on. Some of these tips, I’ve already been doing it thus far. But no harm knowing more if you’re into this too!

Here’s What The Pros Are Saying About Your Professional Body Language
Reading this article got me sitting up straight for those few minutes consciously. I am a person who likes to dress comfort, sometimes TOO comfortable for good. Finding myself caught in multiple situations that required some of my confidence to show through when I’m clad in PJs style of clothings, I think this article speaks through right. Granny could be right.

14 Ways To Approach Conflict and Difficult Conversations At Work
I’m a commercial emcee by nature of job, and learning to work with various events folks are my essentials to survival. The hardest part comes when I cannot bring myself to confrontations that might risk the loss of my job. This articles gives pretty en pointe advice on where to do and how to start it off, less impact involved.

My Summer Of Cellulite Is Helping Me To Get Over Myself & Just Live
One of the hardest thing being a woman, is that you face issues subjected to ALL kinds of societal judgment. Family duties, career advancements, personal well-being. So much information of self-care and self-love for the self-shaming ones have uprisen across the years, and this article is a clear reminder for us to return back to appreciating who we are and what we have. Beautifully.

Hope these motivates you today!


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