When i need some form of encouragement, to refocus on the right stuff:

Put God Back in the Golden Rule
When we choose love, do we really choose to love others the way we want to love them, or the way they want to be loved? This is a good read to get our minds challenged, our hearts to be urged to give more, not less and limited on our service.

Weak Girl
When you’re out of hope, feeling like weakness is the only other option. But God.
There is mercy for all of us in our weakness.

She Has My Delight
Such a sincere article on the love of a father. Women may embody a greater impression when it comes to parental love, but don’t exclude men. This is one man =, sharing this experience and observations of that daughter he wished he could have loved better. More heartfelt than anything else we could ask for in a daddy.

Suffering That Crushes Faith
On my birthday week, I’m reminded of the sufferings of the past. How did it make sense at all when trials come one after another…when would faith have the space to be built anywhere along the way? This article correlates the significance of our woes, making it work for us.

Where Will You Be One Year from Today?
Of course, birthday goals question. Something we should definitely ask ourselves each year as we grow older. Where do we go from here, what do we do today that’s taking us one step closer to God each day? My birthday desire this year, to draw closer to Him every step of the way. What’s yours?


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