10 Life Quotes People At Starbucks Would Give


Honestly? I down a latte every single day.

It never fails to calm my nerves after a good morning workout, satisfy those sweet taste buds and get me kickstarted well on a full day of activities. In the uprising cafe-hopping trend, it’s observed that cafes are popping up every where, in fact one in every few weeks. I have to say though, the most readily available and easily accessible option would still be the most popular hotspot in the world: STARBUCKS.

Every day, we get up, we accomplish tasks, we fulfil duties. But do we exactly know where we’re headed towards in life at the end of ticking off the to-do list? Like a cup of coffee, we grab and go. Do we do the same to our lives too?

I like to explore the different outlets, observe the ambience, and watch the people go by as they do their lives. It’s interesting, how humans are all fuelled with a purpose-driven life, yet little spell out their motivation fuel in words.

Confessions. They matter. What you speak shapes who you are.
So today…I got them to do it. Random strangers.

Click here to catch the video!


Links I Like | Inspiration


Here are the articles I’ve been reading up and realizing…the world needs to know this!

  • What If You Could Be More Happy Today?
    Above all joy and laughter that comes naturally when we feel good, happiness is a choice. I’ve always believed that we choose to control what our minds think, and mind over matter works. Never fails. Perhaps this article would help you in reflecting upon the small little things that you could be thrilled over. To set a routine, and take charge of a life freed up for the better you.
  • 12 Healthy Travel Tips to Keep In Mind On Your Summer Adventures
    Let’s face it. My country’s not the best place to adore Summer with a full blown enthusiasm, considering the fact that we live in humidity all year round (365 days in fact). But there’s always something to appreciate about having a non-winter climate environment not bringing us the extreme  chills that we could curse and swear about. In fact…one day, as you grow to travel abroad often , you’ll probably appreciate some of these awesome tips in self-care.
  • 7 Hormones that Impact Your Weight and How to Balance Them
    When i first came across this article topic, i literally went like…”Wait, what?” Who in the world talks about hormones for inspiration. Yet it drew me in. More than knowin’ what works for you on a general basis, it definitely teaches you to know yourself well INSIDE-OUT. Fitness junkies, health enthusiasts…give this a shot.
  • 8 Things Healthy People Do Every Single Day
    Embarking on this new journey of health, fitness, organization and minimalist route has been a great challenge for me personally. It doesn’t harm to always get more good advice on keeping you on track for the essential habits to discipline you to. 8 things, not all apply. But at least one i hope! (I’m not a personal fan of dark chocolate, but I’m pickin’ it up after reading this…)
  • I Became Vegan To Hide The Fact That I’m Gay
    Well, I’m not gay. Certainly. But this article clearly showcased the thoughts of a hidden us we all have within ourselves. That part that refused to reconcile with who is within and what we are clearly fitted for. Being at peace with oneself, i think that’s what people of my generation needs. To find who you are, in a society where people try to tell you who you are instead. What you eat can help influence who you are too…maybe?

Okay, this week’s gonna be more on health and wellness. Next week, organization perhaps?

Quotes of the week

Theme for the week: CLARITY.

Quotefancy-33794-3840x2160.jpg“Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence.” – Thomas Szasz


find+clarity+in+the+heart+of+your+troubles+-+Zen+Thinking+-+Brian+Thompson.jpg“Find clarity in the heart of your troubles. Peel back the layers of your suffering. find the hook that’s been stuck in your mouth and that has been dragging you down. Tear it out. It might leave a bloody lip, but your wound will soon heal. Your newfound freedom will be profound.” ~ Brian Thompson


d62e6d81afaa14cd03d42ac810da87cc--live-love-life-life-is.jpg“Your life is magic. The clearer you get, the more you notice.” ~ Bryan Katie


The-universe-doesnt-give-you-what-you-ask-for-with-your-thoughts-it-gives-you-what-you-demand-with-your-actions.-Steve-Maraboli.jpg“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts: it gives you what you demand with your actions.” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli


EmilysQuotes.Com-know-right-track-uninterested-looking-back-understanding-inspirational-unknown“You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back.”
~ Emily


1237280-Chaka-Khan-Quote-Your-moment-of-clarity-comes-when-you-face-your.jpgYour moment of clarity comes when you face your fears. Sobriety gave me back me – my life. Self-medication kills you slowly. You can never get a handle on that. It’s a highly destructive force that has to be dealt with on a spiritual level as much as a physical one.~ Chaka Khan

Links I Like | Motivation


So here’s it. I finally figured out what I wanted my blog to be for:
Sharing GOOD stuff, not just ME stuff.

This is gonna be a ongoing series, so here’s my first week of recommendations:

  • Our 21-Day Journey into Minimalism
    Alright. So I shifted house 2 weeks back. For the first time in my life, I decided to stay out on my own. No strings attached, no obligations to adhere to, no junk to allowable to leave behind. Like what they say, the best way to declutter your stuff is to move house. So i guess this site really helped in challenging me on this 21 day journey of minimalising the items I own. Out of sight, out of mind. I must say, it’s going to transform your mindset, just as it did mine. FOR LIFE.
  • One year later, how’s the new blogging schedule working out?
    For those of you starting off a new blog, journal, website…whichever. If you’re like me, not being able to get down to what you really wanted to do, or know how to better yet schedule life accordingly to discipline yourself, this is the best advice you could take reference from. Simple and easy thoughts of advice for the startouts.
  • 29 highly successful people share their best career advice for people in their 20s
    This is HIGHLY recommended for those of you who love one-liner bangers. I personally feel words that come from successfully established entrepreneurs in life could possibly be the most credible advice ever for any one finding your goal in life. Don’t just work. Start thinking about where you work gets you today. Read this and find out, if your job is really worth your effort.
  • Seven habits of organized people
    The crazy organizers and possibly slightly “O-C-D” inclined folks. I’m into organizing, and sometimes good habits are just right about what we need to keep us on track for them to happen. Staying on top of it all, like it mentions. When you need control over things that are just not happening at all, check this out.
  • How do you restore your rationality?
    Sometimes we find ourselves getting into intense conversations with those around us, and how in the world could we learn how to keep logical and calm above it all? One of my favorite tip from this site: Watch for biased and projective listening. Like…what do you mean? Read.
  • High Sensitivity, Low Self-Esteem
    I grew up as a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and only got reminded when a dear friend spotted me reading a blog post on this topic, and passed me a book regarding this topic. I must say, the book changed my life. Maybe I should do a review on it. But for now, if you’re unable to accept loud noises and be easily startled by it…finding yourself a weirdo welling up to mini emotional situations in life (just like me), this is for you.

That’s it for the first week. Definitely looking forward to reading more and spreading more positive vibes to come. Enjoy!

9 Tips On How To Stay Organized


Yes. Call me obsessed.
But I am TOTALLY into keeping things neat and tidy.

I remember those former days in primary school, where I used to be so engrossed in packing my bag the night before school. Those stationery pens I adored, those 1001 books I lugged, those small little packets of tissue I had to include in my daily welfare pouches.

Each item had to be arranged well (in order of height) within the constraints of my multiple segmentalized bagpack. Not to mention, within the pouches, were more pouches. All i knew was, everything had to fall in place. If not, I would not never turn into bed being confident that I was proud to be able to bring that bag to school the next day. I had to always get it done right.

I guess…in all the simple and minute ways I could, life was well organized for me since young. And i think that mindset ensued till now, which I’m pretty glad for.

Afterall, making sure you know what you want, could lead you to effectively reject what you DON’T, isn’t it?

If you don’t believe me, try it. And catch my video here for more tips on how to get better organized!



Life Goals


If you were to ask me what I wanted to do 5 years back, I would probably have shrugged it off with multiple “I want to’s”. Like a singer. dancer. entertainer, maybe. Or…social worker, counsellor, perhaps. Whatever. I don’t think I really knew.

What I knew certainly though, was one thing in mind: I wanted something meaningful. Something that could better the lives of others. Something that achieved a lasting impact, a positive difference, So that monday, I got up. And started questioning myself. More than what we wanted to do, it was more of WHO we wanted to be that mattered more, wasn’t it?

Think about it.

Let’s put the bad beliefs aside. If tomorrow was your funeral, what would be that one liner eulogy concluding us in the lives of others? How would your existence have mattered to anyone on this world, especially those you loved? What would you rather them say about you when you eventually depart?

The question here is: “What is your purpose here on the earth?” Would you rather choose to be that solo being who kept all your successes within, or that one man who brought great influence to the ones around you? 

To better satisfy this curiosity, I gathered the answers of those around me. Those who were daring enough to give this idea a thought. I gave them each one assignment: “In 1 sentence, sum up WHO YOU WANTED TO BE.” I hope you get inspired by their sharings, and start thinking about yours too. Not tomorrow, but today.

Check out the video right here!